Hello, my name is JJ Kelley aka The Machine. No, that isn't some conceited, self-proclaimed nickname. There really is a story behind the origin. This site is meant to consolidate the information and content that I contribute to the internet, provide personal updates to those who choose to follow them, and serve as an outlet for additional useful/less information in the hopes that someone might get some knowledge/enjoyment from it. The menu links at the top of the page should be self-explanatory on how to navigate the site and what content is available. Thank you for visiting my site, and have a blessed day! :)


13 Sep 2012

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I live to serve my God through all the things I do. I also enjoy working on computers, cycling, and ultimate frisbee. I am a follower of Jesus, programmer, designer, endurance athlete. Rode bicycle 2700 miles, got hit by an SUV going 70 mph and walked away from it, and I am famous for being the best cart pusher in history where I earned the nickname Machine 

13 Sep 2012

This page will contain the various interests, activities, music, movies, books, sports, teams, athletes, people, businesses that I like.

Until then you can get most of this information here: http://www.facebook.com/jjthemachine/favorites

13 Sep 2012

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Experienced programmer with a strong focus on user experience using the most up to date standards and technologies. Innovative professional with proven ability to identify, analyze and solve problems to increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency.

27 Aug 2006

Hello everyone, this is the first blog on my website. I hope to finish more of the site this week. I haven't worked on it in a while because I was working on omegasworld.com. Hopefully after this summer I will be able to work on web sites full-time and maintain them better. Thanks for checking my new blog out. God Bless!

27 Aug 2006

Well the time has come for me to try and take O.P.S. to the next level but it requires me to turn to the support of my family to help me through the transition. I will be moving to Texas on Sept. 17th and after a week of settling in I should be able to work on evertything full time. In addition to family, my great friend, SPC Litton, Daniel, has also been a great support and even supplied me with a brand new laptop as a gift so I could make this dream come true. Thanks to everyone who is continually supporting our projects and expect a lot more from us in the near future. God Bless!

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